A Winner Is You

Episode 4: The Medium

February 7, 2021

A brand new game (pretty much) on our game club! This episode we're taking you from the material world to the spirit world and back again (through some mirrors or something) with the new Xbox Series S/X exclusive title The Medium, from the people behind Layers of Fear.

This ghostly walking sim/puzzler/horror game/Resident Silent Evil Hill homage has been getting rave reviews in the gaming press, but it's also been the subject of criticism for its poor performance and general doesn't-feel-all-that-next-gen..ery.

It evokes strong memories of the horror games of yesteryear, so does that work in its favour or make it feel old and unoriginal? Find out as we do a deep ol' dive into the game from start to finish with a big smattering of opinion along the way!

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