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Episode 40: DOUBLE FEATURE - Super Mario Land 2 & Wario Land

Episode 40: DOUBLE FEATURE - Super Mario Land 2 & Wario Land

June 6, 2022

More BOGOF podcasting glory from AWIY, as we take you for a ride on the Dot Matrix Highway for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 for the Game Boy.

Mario Land 2 is one of the most underrated games in the Mario franchise, and it still stands up beautifully today, especially if you play the DX version romhack. Check that out at romhacking.net/hacks/3784/

Wario Land is a different beast altogether, and to be honest it's a madness that it actually carries the Mario Land 3 monicker, but that doesn't mean the game is bad. Far from it, as there's plenty of inventive stuff in this one too.

Don't forget to get in your questions or game requests to awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com

Episode 39: DOUBLE FEATURE - Wolfenstein 3D & Medal of Honor: Frontline

Episode 39: DOUBLE FEATURE - Wolfenstein 3D & Medal of Honor: Frontline

May 29, 2022

Ah, it's time to relax and you know what that means. A glass of wine, your favourite easy chair. And, of course, this podcast playing on your home stereo. It's the first of our double feature episodes - two smaller(ish) games with a tenuous link crammed together for double the listening pleasure.

In May 2022, ID Software's seminally splendid shooter Wolfenstein 3D turns 30 years-old. For part one of the episode, we discuss its cultural impact, its development, its relevance today, and whether it's still worth playing.

The second birthday this month is that of EA's (boo) Medal of Honor: Frontline, as it hits the big 2-0. We had a surprisingly refreshing time with this one, as it feels very of its time in a good way (mostly). There's still plenty of time for gripes, but the importance of this game is not to be dismissed.

Don't forget to email in any questions/requests/insults to awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com

Episode 38: Elden Ring (pt. 1)

Episode 38: Elden Ring (pt. 1)

May 2, 2022

Elden Ring is a sprawling, fantastical and relentlessly punishing video game. So much so that it can make you go a little crazy, and that seems to have been the case with your intrepid hosts here. Let's just say we're filled with piss and vinegar for this one!

Just a warning, this podcast will not cover the lore of these games, especially as many people on YouTube have already. We will, however, chat about the builds, the mechanics, the overall gameplay, the bosses, the areas and much more!

Part one of this two-parter sees us journey through the Lands Between up to the end of Caelid and into Nokron, Eternal City - which is where we'll pick it up later on. 

Enjoy the show, fellow tarnished, and don't forget to email your thoughts/questions to awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com

Episode 37: 25 Years of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Episode 37: 25 Years of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

April 16, 2022

Happy birthday, SOTN! We're back to close off our very short Metroidvania season with what we both believe to be the superior of the 'progenitor' titles in the genre.

We discuss the game's strongest points, the story, the enemies, the inverted castle (spoiler?) and how disappointing the PS4 remake is (typical Konami, amirite?) among many other absolutely definitely fascinating topics.

Because we're quite prone to random nonsense, we also talk about vampire movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula, the Jimmy Savile Netflix documentary, Mindhunter and serial killer museums, learning that Micro Machines and its sequel both actually suck, Keio Flying Squadron for Mega-CD being "weird Japanese shit," and we also have a letter from a listener that's absolutely nothing to do with video games at all.

Then again, what is a podcast? A miserable little pile of banter. But enough talk, press play and... hear us talk at you!

Episode 36: Super Metroid

Episode 36: Super Metroid

March 29, 2022

Just when you thought the last AWIY pod was in captivity and the airwaves were at peace, here we are! We've wrenched ourselves away from Elden Ring long enough to bring you a stone cold classic - 1994's Super Metroid.

We don't need to explain to you just how important and iconic this game is, but the interesting element to this pod is that David has never played any Metroid games before, so you'll get an honest opinion of a 2022 Metroid virgin!

We also had an email in to the pod! I know, right?! We've had someone exercise their right to reply (or is it write to reply, I never get it right. Or is that write? No, that one is right) and present their own top 10 of the last generation, so we sink our teeth right into that whole thing again.

If you want to have us read your question out, hit us up via awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com or over on Twitter @WinnerIsYouPod

Episode 35: 10 Years of Binary Domain

Episode 35: 10 Years of Binary Domain

March 11, 2022

Hello, hollow children, and welcome back to AWIY. This episode, we're celebrating the recent 10th birthday of a game we believe to be a bit of an underrated classic: Sega's Binary Domain.

We chat about our surprise at it getting the 60fps boost on Xbox Series consoles, its wacky premise and even wackier story, its rock-solid gameplay and interesting dismemberment mechanics, the characters, the upgrades, the legacy of its director - everything you can think of, we got it covered. That's what we do.

Does the game hold up? Were we disappointed to find that maybe it wasn't actually underrated and just... rated? Play the game, listen to the pod, find out.

Episode 34: Inscryption

Episode 34: Inscryption

February 21, 2022

Welcome, challengers. Pop yourself down at the table, light your candle, draw your cards (ignore the talking ones) and get ready for a lovely ol' game of Inscryption.

Daniel Mullins' 2021 masterpiece was an absolute delight for us to play (when we weren't banging out heads against it like the idiots we are), and is a very early contender for our game of the year. Yeah, we do those awards weird here.

We chat about the mechanics of the game, the bosses, the story, the meanings behind the ending (and the hidden one) and how we wish more games were like this compared to the AAA shite you see permeating the industry at large.

Episode 33: Firewatch

Episode 33: Firewatch

February 15, 2022

Lock all your doors, put your feet up, light a small bundle of paper and chuck it into your back garden, watch the flames rise, and listen to our latest episode all about Campo Santo's 2016 mystery game, Firewatch.

We discuss the game's unacceptably poor state on Xbox Series consoles (despite having just arrived on Game Pass in 2022) and whether it still holds up today to play it.

Obviously the meat of the pod is all about Henry's story of marital sorrow, forest escape, blossoming new relationship, and eventual paranoia and tragedy. We love it, it's still great, and hopefully you say the same about this podcast!

Episode 32: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Episode 32: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

January 22, 2022

We decided to start the new year off with a nice, harmless bit of fun as we played through Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to while away the winter days. It turns out, we really weren't that impressed with it and our attempt at a positive start to 2022 was somewhat misguided!

We chat about the underdeveloped and unfunny story, the disappointing use of the SSD tech to make what is essentially a fancy grappling hook and the monotonously easy difficulty.

We do have praise for how beautiful this game looks, and for its excellent and refined gunplay, but we expected better from a series this far into its stride on this powerful new hardware. Ah well!

Episode 31: Game of the Year 2021 Awards

Episode 31: Game of the Year 2021 Awards

January 10, 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats and relax - it's time for the A Winner Is You Game of the Year Awards for 2021. We're doing our GOTY show a little differently to most, as we only considered games we'd covered on the podcast in 2021 for the majority of the awards.

The categories for this year are:

Best Story, Best Gameplay, Most Bullshit, Best Surprise, Best 2021 Non-Podcast Game, Best Old Non-Podcast Game, Worst Game, and Best Game.

If you agree or disagree with our choices, please get in touch and let us know. Now, on to 2022!

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