A Winner Is You

Episode 26: Super Mario Galaxy

November 15, 2021

We're at that time of year where things are getting dark, cold and miserable, so come with us into a whole new galaxy where things are all bouncy and colourful and fun! It can only be a Mario game, eh?

Super Mario Galaxy remains an absolute masterpiece, but is it as mindblowing or groundbreaking today as it was back in 2007? How do the controls hold up? How does the 3D All Stars version look and play? Why did the sequel not have a story in it?

We answer all these questions and break down the game, galaxy-by-galaxy, to talk through our favourite moments (and vice versa - looking at you, Melty Molten Galaxy). Enough talk, let's-a have at you!

(Reuploaded to fix audio issues. Sorry!)

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