A Winner Is You

Episode 24: SPOOKTOBERFEST pt.1 - Parasite Eve

October 10, 2021

Introducing SPOOKTOBERFEST, our (hopefully) annual celebration of horror video games throughout the month of October. First up in this smorgasbord of scares is an underrated gem of a game from 1998 - Square's survival horror RPG Parasite Eve.

We praise the game's mechanics,unique mixing of genres, and its ragtag bunch of characters, whilst lamenting the relentless difficulty spike of the ending's huge dungeon and boss fight marathon.

You know by now how this works so tune in for a deep dive into the game's story from start to finish, but watch out for a jump scare of our own when David's mic decided to quit on us and his sound goes all echoey and shitey. Sorry about that!

Make sure you check back for the rest of the month for more horror highlights from the gaming sphere.

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