A Winner Is You

Episode 23: Days Gone

September 27, 2021

Please don't hate us for our brief hiatus, this game is just suuuper long! We decided to do a deep dive on a game that has been itching away at us since its less-than-earth-shattering release back in 2019 - Bend Studio's Days Gone. That's right, we went full on backlog busting with this one!

We discuss the game's numerous issues - the story, the bland characters, the bugs and glitches, the length, the mission structure... but also we show our appreciation for how, in spite of all that, it's undeniably good fun.

Our deep dive tackles all the main characters and their arcs, as well as what we feel about the 'true' ending (or what we don't understand about it, to be honest). It's a long one, but so is the game, and you surely expect that from us by now, right? Good!

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