A Winner Is You

Episode 18: Quick-Fire Top 5s #5 - Apex Legends Characters, Dead Developers, Worst 10/10 IGN Games

July 27, 2021

The streets aren't quite ready to be filled with rage just yet (well, wait until the last segment of this episode), so we're filling in with some more top 5s, you know you love it.

Starting off, we're finally giving the people what they want - the culmination of all the many weeks of Apex Legends digression comes to a head with our top 5 Apex Legends... legends. Mirage mains need not apply.

We then pay our respects to those developers no longer with us... after we get some of the developer/publisher housekeeping out of the way. Sorry, Acclaim.

We end the show with some lovely bashing of the bigger boys, with our top 5 worst games IGN ever rated 10/10. Honestly, most of them are pretty good anyway, but we can still disagree with a 'perfect' score for a fair amount of them!

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