A Winner Is You

Episode 16: Quick-Fire Top 5s #4 - Sonic the Hedgehog Special!

July 8, 2021

We're still hungover from Sonic's birthday bash in the last episode, so we decided to try curing it with some hair of the hog. We basically just played an absolute scrote-load of Sonic games over the last couple weeks, all so we could bring you three more wonderful Top 5 lists.

This time around, we are ranking the Top 5 Sonic Songs, so throw off your running cleats, stick on your dancing shoes and get ready for a boogie.

Next up, we run the AWIY rule over the Top 5 Sonic Zones (arguably harder than deciding on the five worst zones, but whatever).

Lastly, we go for the big score as we discuss and produce for you the absolutely definitive, iron-clad list of the Top 5 2D Sonic Games. Our relative unfamiliarity with every single series game probably makes this list quite unique, so be prepared to hate us, think we're morons and have Sammyclassicsonicfan scream and cry about us ruining the franchise.

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